Main business and purpose of establishment

Angel Resort Hong Kong was established to sell Japanese resort real estate to Hong Kong buyers. Interest in Japanese resort real estate as investment property rather than as something simply to be used for the owner’s own recreation has increased due to the rise in inbound demand in areas outside major cities like Tokyo and Osaka. With the “Minpaku” Act concerning the home-based lodging industry expected to come into force in 2018, it appears that accommodation rentals by the day with an annual limit of 180 days will become mainstream in addition to two-year rental contracts and renting property by the month, which have been the norm in Japan until now. Thanks to our experience in some of Japan’s top resort regions — Karuizawa, Hakone, Atami, and Echigo-Yuzawa — we possess abundant expertise in condominium, holiday villa, and hotel management in addition to our real estate sales and rental knowledge. You can count on us for everything from purchases and sales, to management, leases, and hotel operations.


2017.12.01 Angel Resort Hong Kong opened

Other areas of business

Other areas of business

Our group of companies includes resort hotel operators and a sake brewer.
At Angel Resort Hong Kong, we work to attract resort hotel customers and conduct sake sales.

Resort hotels

Other areas of business

Our group includes two hotels, both of which have earned high ratings on Japanese hotel reservation websites: Hotel Angel Grandia Echigo-Nakazato, a family resort hotel with an onsen that can be enjoyed by the entire family, children included, all year round — playing in the snow in winter, playing in the river in summer; and Angel Forest Nasu Shirakawa, a resort hotel with onsen where guests can enjoy nature together with their dogs. We invite everyone to visit these two resort hotels.

Hotel Angel Grandia Echigo-Nakazato

Other areas of business

This hotel is situated close to Echigo-Yuzawa — one of Japan’s leading ski resort and onsen regions, which is served by a Shinkansen train station. Hotel Angel Grandia Echigo-Nakazato is a large, first-rate resort hotel that has been highly rated on the main Japanese travel websites.

In addition to winter sports, guests can enjoy river outings and hiking in summer, and then relax in one of the hotel’s two onsen baths to wash away the day’s fatigue. For meals, guests can enjoy a luxurious buffet that reflects the skill and dedication of all our staff, from the chef on down. We invite you to come and spend your family vacation here!

Angel Forest Nasu Shirakawa

Other areas of business

Angel Forest Nasu Shirakawa is a resort complex that consists of lodging facilities you can enjoy with your dog, an onsen, restaurants, authentic tennis courts, and various sports and leisure facilities as well as mountain bike courses through a natural forest, providing guests with a total nature experience.

Sake brewery

Other areas of business

Naeba Shuzo is a brewery with a history spanning over 100 years that has received numerous awards. It delivers Naebasan, a sake brand made using rice and pure water from snowy Niigata, Japan’s largest rice producer, to customers in Hong Kong.